UX London is a fantastic three-day event which opens with a day of inspirational presentations, followed by two days of practical, in-depth workshops covering core skills, strategic thinking and advanced techniques.

Fred Beecher

Introduction to Axure

Fred Beecher

Thursday 19 April, 9:00 - 12:30, Room: Green 1

Please note that for this workshop you will need to bring a laptop, ideally with Axure already installed — a 30 day trial is available here. If you have a non-multitouch trackpad, Fred recommends using a mouse.

Have you been struggling to wireframe rich website experiences? Interactive prototypes communicate those experiences much more effectively, and they allow you to integrate effective and iterative usability testing besides.

Axure is a tool that makes it easy for designers to prototype and test their designs. This workshop will get you started with prototyping rich interactive websites in Axure. You won’t learn everything there is to know, but you’ll learn enough to do some cool stuff!

  • Axure’s Concepts & UI
  • Building a Wireframe
  • Making it Interactive
  • Rich Interaction with Dynamic Panels
  • Reusing Design Components
  • Using Axure Effectively & Efficiently

About the Speaker, Fred Beecher

Fred Beecher is a Lead User Experience Consultant & Business Analyst with Evantage Consulting.

He has been passionately engaged in the User Experience Design field for the past 13 years. Fred has worked with clients in a diverse array of industries but maintains a particular focus on the Healthcare and Medical Device industries.