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Janice Fraser

Lean UX for Product Innovators

Janice Fraser

Thursday 19 April, 14:00 - 17:30, Room: Green 1

Startups present some of the sexiest design challenges on the planet. They provide an opportunity to craft the future and invent new experiences, free from the political challenges of established companies. This should be a designer's dream. But, starved for cash, directed by developers, and driven to premature launch schedules, the startup has been a terrible place to practice good user-centered design.

A new approach, The Lean Startup, is a rediscovery of user centered design, and it is transforming businesses around the world. In startup and enterprise innovation centers, Lean Startup gives UX teams an unqualified mandate to make products customers love.

This hands-on workshop teaches you how to adapt your current UX practice to thrive in any innovation-driven environment. You will learn:

  • Why Agile can feel hostile toward design, and what to do about it
  • When to use a Lean UX approach (and when not to)
  • How to ensure you never have to "sell in" a design
  • The 7 habits of highly successful startup designers
  • The 4 "Power Tools" for making rapid progress in virtually any situation
  • Why using an experimentation framework to prove design goodness will get you farther faster

Lean UX isn't a new brand of UX, it's an approach for employing classic user-centered design in a specific context. Lean Startup has prepared the business community to love what you do. This workshop teaches you how to embrace that opportunity.

(Lean Startup is trademark of Eric Ries.)

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About the Speaker, Janice Fraser

Janice is an entrepreneur and interaction designer for web and mobile products. During her 15 years in Silicon Valley, she has raised capital, founded both successful and failed startups, consulted to both large enterprises and early stage firms. 

Janice was cofounder of design firm Adaptive Path and served as the company’s first CEO. During her tenure, Adaptive Path tripled in staff and revenues, developed and sold a product to Google, coined the term Ajax, and transformed from a lifestyle partnership to a high-growth firm.