UX London is a fantastic three-day event which opens with a day of inspirational presentations, followed by two days of practical, in-depth workshops covering core skills, strategic thinking and advanced techniques.

Dan Rubin

Design for User Experience

Dan Rubin

Friday 20 April, 9:00 - 12:30, Room: Blue 2

It's clear now more than ever that building for the web, mobile, and other devices is akin to product design, not graphic design: Everyone involved is a member of a design team; our roles are design-centric regardless of our title.

Most of us spend most of our lives creating wireframes that inform visual design, but what if you've never been involved in the visual design process?

Dan will show you how to work more closely with visual designers, why ugly wireframes help good designers, and how you can incorporate the best practices of visual and product designers into your work. Learn how to get involved and engaged with the visual layer of the work you do and start thinking like a true designer.

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About the Speaker, Dan Rubin

Dan Rubin is an accomplished user interface designer and usability consultant with over a decade’s experience as a leader in the fields of web standards and usability, specifically focusing on the use of HTML/CSS to streamline development and improve accessibility.

He is founder and principal of Webgraph (a design and branding studio), co-founder of Sidebar Creative (a design collective) and Sinelogic (UI and usability consulting) as well as a web standards consultant and speaker. Visit Dan’s blog.