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Anders Ramsay

Anders Ramsay is a veteran User Experience Designer and a regular speaker, panelist, and organizer of events and conferences.

Since designing and building his first commercial website in the mid-90's, Anders has been an obsessive and passionate explorer of ways to more effectively bridge the Yes/No world of computers with the Maybe-this/Maybe-that world of people.

As a former designer at agencies, multi-nationals, and startups, his background spans the gamut of the UX practice, with clients including AOL, CBS, FOX, JP Morgan, Lonely Planet, McGraw-Hill, Sony Pictures, Turner Broadcasting, Viacom, and the City of New York.

Anders is currently an independent consultant, specializing in product strategy and Agile UX coaching, helping teams and organizations achieve success using Agile and Lean methods. He also has a forthcoming book, Designing with Agile, where he shares insights and lessons learned from the trenches of working with Agile teams.

Anders Ramsay will be running the workshop The UX of User Stories.

The UX of User Stories

If you’re a UX designer struggling to figure out how to integrate your work into an Agile team, this workshop is for you. There are few better entry points for UX designers into the Agile universe than User Stories. If you understand how they work and their evolutionary journey from user need to working product, then you have come a long way indeed in understanding how the Agile project game is played.

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