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Harry Brignull

Harry Brignull is a User Experience Consultant. He designs experiences at Clearleft, blogs at 90percentofeverything.com, and curates Darkpatterns.org — a site dedicated to understanding deceptive user interfaces, with the aim of stamping them out and improving the web for everyone.

Harry has has provided consultancy services for clients such as The Guardian, Dennis Publishing, Haymarket, Sainsbury’s, Cadbury, Vodafone, O2 and many others. Prior to his UX consultancy career, Harry was an academic cognitive scientist and researcher.

Harry Brignull will be presenting From Print to iPad: designing a reading experience.

From Print to iPad: designing a reading experience

UX Designers always talk about failing early and often, but we rarely share the gritty details of the problems we face and the disasters we narrowly avert when working behind closed doors.

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