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Leah Buley

The UX Team of One Bootcamp

Leah Buley

Friday 20 April, 14:00 - 17:30, Room: Blue 3 & 4

UX teams of one are the most important people working in our field today.

They’re the boots on the ground, spreading user experience to products and people who have never encountered it before. UX teams of one are battling the mighty forces of status quo and inertia to help teams experience another way -- a more human-centered way -- of making products and services. That’s ambitious work. And it requires not only practical know-how, but also vision, conviction, and a soft touch.

This workshop is a hands on crash course in the skills, methods, and clever hacks that successful UX teams of ones use to work inclusively, efficiently, and effectively. It is also a frank and candid guide to the challenges and opportunities that you might encounter if you're a UX team of one.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Common team of one situations, depending on what type of organization you're working with, and where you are in your career
  • Language and tools for "selling" UX and building support
  • Quick and effective methods for every point in the UX process, from planning a project to validating your designs
  • Soft skills for gaining buy-in, conquering conflict, and communicating your work

Like any good bootcamp, this workshop will get you working, sweating, and challenging your own assumptions about what you're capable of.

About the Speaker, Leah Buley

Leah Buley is a design strategist at Intuit, where she works on the future of business and personal finance.

Prior to Intuit, Leah was an experience designer at Adaptive Path, working for clients in financial services, media, consumer products, and the non-profit world.