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Bill DeRouchey

Design with an Opinion

Bill DeRouchey

Wednesday 18 April, 15:30 - 15:45

Companies presenting themselves with a casual voice is all the rage, but deep engagement with the customers you want requires one more step forward.

You have to break beyond the corporate instinct of avoiding risk and instead take a stand. Let people know why you're making your product or service. Have an opinion. Casualness doesn't resonate. Opinions resonate.

Come hear the story of how Simple’s having an opinion helped build a waiting list of over 70,000 people, how engaging with customers begins by taking a position that people can resonate with, and how strong opinions give your team the clarity necessary for making product development decisions.

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About the Speaker, Bill DeRouchey

Bill DeRouchey is creative director at Simple, a financial startup aiming to reboot personal banking through design, technology and service. He's loving tackling a problem that seems mundane, but is instead rich with complexity and can help people in their everyday lives.

Previously, he directed interaction design at Ziba Design, designing interfaces for a wide range of physical things, from patient monitors to satellite radios to air conditioners.