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Jon Kolko

The Next Step for Design: Social Entrepreneurship

Jon Kolko

Wednesday 18 April, 16:30 - 17:15

As designers are increasingly recognised as both thought leaders and the drivers of large-scale change, it's become evident that we’ve outgrown the traditional contexts of our work - as stewards of organisational change in large corporations, and as hired guns at consultancies.

Entrepreneurship provides a third vehicle for design-driven change, yet designers have not traditionally explored this as a viable career path.

In this talk, Jon Kolko will describe how a particular form of entrepreneurship - social entrepreneurship - is the new frontier for designers, and will provide illustrations of how a design led, double-bottom line, operationally self-sufficient company can create meaningful and deep impact.

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About the Speaker, Jon Kolko

Jon Kolko is the Founder and Director of Austin Center for Design, a progressive educational institution teaching interaction design and social entrepreneurship.

His work focuses on bringing the power of design to social enterprises, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and large-scale industry disruption.